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Our Services

Everything we're great at


We have our own fleet of trucks that can be used for deliveries between 10 and 60 pallets. The main wagon has a payload of 32 pallets (2 layers of 16), when the trailer is attached this adds another 28 pallets (2 layers 0f 14) giving a total of 60 pallets. A full load can be mixed and will invariably make the delivery more cost efficient, we will also consider a shared load dependent on location.


For smaller orders we use 2 of the UK’s leading hauliers both of whom give you the option of following day or economy deliveries. A lot of our customers have restricted access to their sites and need timed deliveries, both our hauliers operate with 7.5 tonne vehicles with tail lifts negating the need for fork lift trucks and both phone ahead with an estimated time of arrival.


For full loads we can arrange for the stock to be delivered straight from the manufacturer to your site or chosen bottle destination. Where customers have their own transport we can arrange for you to pick up at our warehouse or at various other depots located throughout the UK.

Shrink wrapping

For glass being delivered by haulier or picked up by the customer we provide a £5 per pallet shrink wrap service. This is not required on our own vehicles as they have been designed to the exact pallet dimensions and our drivers trained in glass handling, for haulier deliveries it’s compulsory and for customer pick up loads it’s optional. We recommend you use this facility as it gives the bottles added protection for the duration of your journey.

Bottle labelling

We have our own fully automated bottle labelling line capable of processing around 5000 bottles per hour either as a pre or post fill. Dependent on the type and number of labels being used (we can do front, back and neck) we can process up to 50,000 bottles per day. We have a minimum run quantity of 20,000 bottles and require the labels to be in our possession before we can book a start date.

Bottle washing

We have our own bottle washing plant capable of cleaning any bottle size between 250ml and 2 litre. The cleaning rate is dependent on size of bottle but in average we can process in the region of 30,00 bottles per day. Our minimum run quantity is once again 20,000 bottles, booking is essential with this service as lead time is often 3 to 4 weeks.

Re-sort, re-pack and re-wrap

Our warehouse team can re-pack, re-sort and re-pack almost any size of pallet. No job is too small as we will consider any quantity of pallets, booking can be arranged over the phone for this service but please consider the lead time required to get the stock to us when planning the job.


We carry a standard range of cardboard cartons and inserts for bottles ranging in size from 250 ml to 1 litre. Although most of our business is generated through the standard packs we can where appropriate provide you with whatever your specific needs, including individual styles and different case sizes.

Vials and Closures

We stock 3 types of glass pathological vials all of which are made from type 2 glass, recognised world wide as a superior product. Before they leave our warehouse they are sulphate coated and washed to complete neutralisation, this makes them suitable for autoclaving purposes. We can also supply either aluminium caps with rubber wads or polypropylene caps.


We stock blue and green twist off caps for our range of mineral bottles. For all other types of closures including ROPP, cork, crown and capsule we would refer you to one of our trusted suppliers.