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Beer & Cider

A E Chapman & Son Ltd have for over 50 years been a major supplier of glass packaging to the UK beer and cider industry’s. We currently hold stock of around 70 different bottles varying in size from 275ml through to 750ml with colours of green, amber and flint. The most common closure is crown cap but we can also supply ROPP, Twist Off, Capsule or Cork. For those of you looking for something out of the ordinary we have links to the 4 main glass manufacturers in Europe including the top 2 in the UK, giving us unrivalled access to an extensive choice of bottles.

Over the past year we have been working closely with our suppliers on the development of new lightweight products and we’re now delighted to announce the launch of our two new lightweight 500ml beers. Produced in the UK these bottles are 15% lighter than traditional bottles and weigh in at only 300gms. Lightweight gives you the benefit of using an environmentally friendly product in terms of use of raw materials while at the same time maintaining the quality of the bottle. At present they are amongst the lightest available to the trade and over the coming months the range will be extended to include both a 330ml and 750ml variant.

Although both bottles weigh only 300gms, one has a diameter of 69mm while the other remains at the traditional 73mm. The rationale behind these two diameters is firstly, on the 69mm the desire by the high street multiples to maximise their shelf facings and secondly, the 73mm is a more traditional style which can be accommodated on many filling lines without the necessity for changing parts. We intend to have sufficient stock available to meet the forecast demand, initially this will be in Amber and Flint however, there will be the facility to produce in Green if there is sufficient demand.


We stock the largest range of glass wine bottles in the U.K. , and if we don’t have it in stock we can easily  source any bottle between 100ml up to 20 litre.

Most standard models of Bordelaise, Bourgogne, Hock/Moselle & Champagnes are available in stock for immediate despatch. We stock various colours including Green, White flint (clear), Autumn Leaf and Antique.


Spirit bottles come in a phenomenal assortment of shapes & sizes, you only need to walk through the BWS department of any store to see the multitude of designs currently available. Holding stock of this number of bottles is a logistical nightmare, as a result we hold only a core range of bottles the rest we source after ordering.

Traditionally bottle colours have always been White Flint and Green however, the recent developments on bottle decoration have created an amazing new range of choice governed only by the imagination. If you need some advice on what bottle to choose or if you’d like to run your idea by an expert, give Andre a call. Guidance on size conformity inside & outside of the EU is available.


We stock a complete range of mineral bottles most of which are permanently in stock here in Clapham.  We have 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml,  750 ml and  1 litre, they are available in both Green & White flint and all of them are manufactured to our own specifications.

Since 2007 we have been working with our suppliers to design and develop light weight mineral bottles, and this year we were proud to launch yet another new range. Widely regarded in the trade as being one of the lightest bottles available anywhere in the world, they have been specifically designed to take both pasteurisation  and or carbonation. While normally used for minerals all of these bottles can also lend themselves to other uses such as: oils, sauces, health drinks etc.

Going forward we will continue to work with the manufacturers to drive ahead with this development and through technological advancements produce even lighter bottles. We believe everyone has a responsibility to be mindful of world resources, and that if we all do our bit no matter how small, then the world will be a better place for future generations.

The updated standards for filling glass containers regarding pasteurisation, carbonation and fill heights are available from British Glass. Please speak to us for further information regarding these matters.


We stock 3 sizes of glass pathological vials. We have a 1 oz Universal Vial Ref:J669 with 144 units per case. Also a 1/2 oz McCartney vial ref:K014 with 288 units per case. Finally, a 2 dram Bijou ref:M218 with 288 units per case.

The Universal and McCartney variants are Type 2 glass, this is regarded as the best grade of glass for vials and is used world wide due to the exacting specifications. All 3 are sulphate coated during manufacture, before delivery (unless specifically requested) we put them through our washing process, this neutralises the vials making them suitable for autoclaving purposes.

The vials are supplied with aluminium caps that have black rubber wads. We have a 28 mm Gold lacquered cap ref:KN86  that fits item J669 and a 20 mm Plain cap ref:KN132  that fits items K014 & M218. All vials can be supplied with or without caps.

We can also supply polypropylene caps to match. We have a 28 mm White polypropylene cap ref:MD and a 20 mm White polypropylene cap ref:R3.

All our products are of a premium quality, all are held in stock at Clapham and can be delivered anywhere in the world with very little lead time. This service has been tailored to meet our customers exacting standards and is based on years of experience. We are committed to offering the highest quality glass possible, quickly and economically.